Although Hyndsight’s hardened rear-view cameras have only been on the market since October, 2014, the company has already had two buy-out offers. “It’s a requirement of purchase that the company stay in Peterborough,” says founder Melissa Thompson.

Melissa built the company from an idea to a duct-taped prototype to a waterproof product of custom components over the course of three years. The vision for Hyndsight appeared when Thompson, a long-time crew coach, yearned for something better than the little rearview mirrors rowers wear to see behind them.

To Thompson’s delight, the need for Hyndsight extends far beyond the sport of crew. Trailer truck drivers wanting to keep an eye on valuable cargo, such as horses, and military vehicles and Coast-Guard vessels needing better surveillance than a rear-view mirror, are just a few of the potential markets.

The company is weighing its options for growth through merger or venture capital. Friends and family funded the first-round. Though Boston angel investors have shown interest in participating in the second round, Thompson is considering just widening her circle to community members, since Peterborough has many small to medium-sized investors ready to support local entrepreneurs.