ONE OF THE TOUGHEST PROBLEMS faced by advanced manufacturing companies is keeping ahead of the curve. The road to high-paying jobs is paved with research that continuously adds competitive advantage to companies’ products. The new Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Innovations (CAMMI) is designed to help manufacturers do just that. As shown, in the CAMMI graphic here, the Center aids in designing, simulating, developing and testing various types of materials and processes. Projects range from testing lower-weight components for the auto industry to developing new adhesives to comparing electronic component manufacturing techniques. CAMMI also helps with workforce development in materials engineering. NH Ball Bearing, based in Peterborough, has sponsored a University of New Hampshire (UNH) engineering senior project with a NH Innovation Research Center matching grant. CAMMI will move to the John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center when it opens in Spring, 2017 on the UNH campus.