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About Juniper Advisory Services

Juniper Advisory Services, LLC is a full service real estate advisory firm overseeing 9 Vose Farm Road in Peterborough, NH – a 144,000 square foot, multi tenant, industrial/office facility49 Vose Farm Road in Peterborough, NH – a 125,000 square foot, multi tenant, industrial/office facility.

The principals of Juniper have over fifty-five years of experience in the real estate industry, specializing in the suburban commercial markets. Juniper is unique in its role as advisor for its clients in various projects, combining its hands-on style to real estate with its vast knowledge and experience of maximizing values in properties through the perilous cycles of the real estate industry. Juniper has been involved in all aspects of the real estate industry from purchasing raw land to constructing large scale industrial facilities for their own account. Instead of viewing each opportunity in a vacuum, Juniper has the ability to see the projects with an eye squarely on the big picture while maintaining a firm grasp of all the details necessary for the project to be a success.

Juniper is able to provide construction management, property management, redevelopment analysis, and all other advisory services required for the real estate industry. Juniper brings additional value to its projects by evaluating situations from the perspective of the owner. In this way, Juniper can provide the best analysis of all options for each project.

Since its inception, Juniper has been directly responsible for the development and construction of approximately two million square feet of commercial, industrial, medical, warehouse, research and development, office, and retail buildings. Additionally, Juniper has acquired approximately seven hundred thousand square feet of existing real estate. In each of the development projects, Juniper has been the developer, general contractor, and manager. In all acquisitions, Juniper has provided a portion of the equity and has advised selected clients on joint ventures for the remaining portions and has continued to provide asset management expertise to those clients.

Throughout the past thirty two years, Juniper has developed a reputation for honesty and integrity, and as a result, continues to maintain excellent relationships with its institutional and local lenders. Sound investment and disposition strategies, low leverage, and other risk minimization tools employed during the late 1980’s enabled Juniper to prosper in the early 1990’s. Today, Juniper’s investment portfolio continues to grow, benefitting from the many opportunities recently created.

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