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About Monadnock Community Hospital

Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) is the hub of a vibrant medical community, with exceptional primary care physicians, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and common medical services such as for childbirth, routine surgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation after major illnesses. The Hospital also staffs several departments specializing in the treatment of heart disease and cancer.

MCH has long recognized the importance to its patient community and primary care physicians of having easy access to a wide spectrum of specialty care physicians. There are approximately 25 part-time specialists practicing at MCH. These physicians are available to see patients on the MCH campus at established times during each week. Typically, these specialists are either affiliated with larger specialty hospitals or are part of private practice groups.

In addition, as the region’s only Medically-based Fitness and Rehabilitation facility, The Bond Wellness Center at Monadnock Community Hospital is a center of activity, both at the Hospital and throughout the region.

Every day, the Center is filled with individuals working out in the Fitness Center, taking Fitness Classes, receiving Rehabilitation Therapy, participating in Rehabilitation Programs, and visiting Specialty Physicians.

As a member of The Bond Wellness Center, you receive the unique benefit of a medically-based exercise program designed specifically for you. Our goal is to help you set and achieve your personal wellness and exercise goals.

As a member, you have access to our extensive fitness floor, personal trainers, fitness classes, pools, massage therapy, spotless locker rooms and many other amenities. Staff and membership are the friendliest around and many of the members have formed long lasting relationships with each other over the years.

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Phone: 603.924.7191